Take your startup to the next level

Accelerate Italy is currently accepting applications from technology focused startups who have product and revenues for the Spring 2023 cohort. It will take place from April 2023.

How do we select the startup?

We will consider technology-based startups from anywhere in Italy.  We will take a look at startups having initial prototypes and established customers.

In our selections criteria, we will look at things like:

Original idea

Qualifications of the founding team

Demonstrated commitment from the startup

Alignment with Italy’s economic agenda

Potential to scale

Potential to attract investments

Selection process


Accelerate Italy believes in the importance of teamwork to achieve success. Therefore, we require all startups to have a well-established team of a minimum of 4 people. 

Language Proficiency

Accelerate Italy’s programs are run in English. Applicants will need to have a proven English proficiency to participate in the cohort.


If you want to apply, please submit your application online by 12 pm CET on September 30th, 2021. Startups applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you would like to increase the chances of being selected we recommend applying as soon as possible. You can still submit your application after the deadline – though keep in mind that the later you apply, the harder it is to get in.


We will invite startups that seem most promising to an interview. Interviews may be in person or by web conference.

Things to know

Selection announcements

We will decide which startups are accepted to Accelerate Italy after the interviews.


Virtual program

Accelerate Italy will be run virtually throughout the course of the 16 weeks program. We expect your startup to work remotely during the entire duration. Some of the startups may be considered to partake in a Boston-based cohort. Further details will be communicated along the course of the program.


Meet ups

During the 16 weeks Accelerate Italy program we will have regular meetup events every 3 weeks in alignment with the key milestones of the acceleration process.  The startups will be working with their assigned mentors between these events.  During these events, we will invite experts to speak on some key aspects of startups development.  The startups will also showcase their progress and be required to do a practice pitch.



Demo day

The accelerator will culminate in a Demo Day at which the startups present to a carefully selected, invitation-only audience.



Mentors and experts will also hold regular office hours to which the startups can schedule a meeting.



During the 3½ months we will endeavor to introduce startups individually to people and companies that can help them.